Shell molding casting process is also called pre-coated resin sand casting process, hot shell molding castings or core casting process. The main molding material is the pre-coated phenolic resin sand, which is more expensive than green sand and furan resin sand. Moreover, this sand can not be recycle used. The shell molding iron casting parts have higher costs than sand casting. However, the shell molding casting parts have many advantages such as tighter dimensional tolerance, good surface quality and less casting defects.

The following equipment are mainly used for the shell mould casting process, which include:  Make Metal Patterns → Making Pre-coated Sand Mold → Melting Iron → Pouring Metal → Shot Blasting 

Pre-Coated Sand MoldPre-Coated Sand Mold

Pre-Coated Sand MoldPre-Coated Sand Mold

Shell Mold MakingShell Mold Making

shell mould making for cast ironShell Mold Making

shell mould castingShell Mold Making

cast iron shell mould castingShell Mold Making

iron casting foundryShell Mold Making

shell mould casting foundryShell Mold Making

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