Steel Machined Part

Steel Machined Part

Material: Steel Alloys
Process: Precision CNC Machining
Weight: 1.50 kg
Application: Customized

High precision machined parts by vertical machining center, horizontal machining center and CNC machines. RMC could provide one stop solution from casting, forging to precision machining.


At RMC, we offer machining, grinding, turning, drilling, threading and other secondary processing services utilizing CNC equipment and machining center to ensure that our precision machined castings match the tight tolerances.

Our Fully equipped machine workshops are organized to develop parts of exceptional dimensional accuracy. Our precision machining workshop are equipped with Machining Centers, CNC Machines, and Special Machined for some appointed process. Our dedication to the precision machining process is extensive. We pride ourselves on our products and services, reasonable costs, and timely delivery. The quality certifications are implementing strictly according to ISO 9001.

Precision machining can be used on many materials including gray iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, and some special alloys. 

▶ Equipment for Precision Machining
• Convertional Machines:  20 sets.
• CNC Machines: 60 sets.
• 3-Axis Machining Center: 10 sets.
• 4-Axis Machining Center: 5 sets.
• 5-Axis Machining Center: 2 sets

▶ Precision Machining Capabilities
• Max Size: 1,500 mm × 800 mm × 500 mm
• Weight Range: 0.1 kg - 500 kg
• Annual Capacity: 10,000 tons
• Accuracy: As per standards: .... or on request. Minimum ±0.003 mm
• Holes to ±0.002 mm dia.
• Flatness, Roundness and Straightness: As per standards or on request.

▶ Available Process
• Turning
• Milling
• Lathing
• Drilling
• Honing, Grinding.
• Washing

▶ Available Ferrous Metal Materials
• Cast Iron including gray iron and ductile iron
• Carbon Steel from low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel.
• Steel Alloys from standard grades to special grades on request.

▶ Available Non-Ferrous Metal Materials
• Aluminum and their alloys
• Brass and Copper
• Zinc and their alloys
• Stainless Steel

▶ General Commerial Terms
• Main workflow: Inquiry & Quotation → Confirming Details / Cost Reduction Proposals → Tooling Development → Trial Casting → Samples Approval → Trial Order → Mass Production → Continuous Order Proceeding
• Leadtime: Estimatedly 15-25 days for tooling development and estimatedly 20 days for mass production.
• Payment Terms: To be negotiated.
• Payment methods: T/T, L/C, West Union, Paypal.