Brass CNC Machining Pump Housing

Brass CNC Machining Pump Housing

Material: Brass
Process: Investment Casting + CNC Machining
Weight: 9.62 kg
Application: Pump Housing

Custom brass CNC machining pump housing from China machining company. One stop solutions from casting, machining, heat treatment and surface treatment.


The precision machining workshop at RMC takes care probably the most important step in the supply chain after casting. State-of-the-art vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers and other CNC machines could make sure the accuracy of the castings and guarantee the machined castings are finished on time. All machines are well-organized and taken into production at high production effeciency and good cost-effective mothods. If needed, all the machined dimensions could be measured by the CMM and the related reports could be issued as per customer's requirements.

Precision machining combined with precision casting can be indeed considered as precision manufacturing. Though steel investment casting process is called as precision casting which indeed can obtained neat shape casting, however, that doesn't mean it doesn't need any secondary machining. Furthermore, the lost wax casting process applied in common industrial field has still stayed at low but economical level which is so far from so called neat shape casting.

RMC investment casting foundry came from a precision machining factory with more than decade of precision machining experience. Our precision machining workshop has been equipped with advanced 4-axes machining centers, CNC turning machines, CNC milling machines and necessary grinding mills, versatile turning lathes, milling machines and drilling and tapping machines. In order to keep the supply of high quality raw castings and expand our manufacturing capability, we just established our own steel investment casting foundry.