At RMC, we provide one-stop solutions with value-added services. Not only do we take effort to understand your requirements and ideas we also brain storm to further improve upon your designs. Our aim is to make castings, forgings and metal fabrications those are of high quality and also to ensure you get the best product suited for your needs.

We guarantee high quality by offering expertise and experience in making the casting through a wide variety of value-added services to various tailor-made parts. These include pre-machining and full machining services, heat treatment, surface treatment, dimensions checking and non-destructive testing.

With extensive quality checks, effective communication as well as excellent design work, we guarantee that our products are economical and punctual, without compromising quality.

Involving lots of professional technology, patterns design is a professional work. There have been various kinds of casting processes and metal forming processes. It is impossible for one to pick up all knowledge for all casting and metal forming processes, no mention to be good at each of them. So when you source castings or other metal forming services, you may need a professional technical team to assist your work. Here at RMC we are the ones you are looking for.

RMC specializing in casting and metal forming has established a professional engineering team with rich-experienced engineers, who can help you fulfill all kinds of casting and metal forming project from pattern design, prototype to final steel cast products with a variety of value-added services.

Production Procedure Design

Our professional engineers have rich experience in design of steel and iron casting by green sand casting, shell molded casting, vacuum casting, lost wax casting processes with silica sol casting, water glass casting process or water glass and silica sol combined casting process, and other metal forming processes such as forging and metal fabrications.

Generally speaking, if customersor end users have higher requirement, the silica sol bonded casting or the silica sol and water glass combined casting process would be used to reach the required needs with fine surface quality.

Technical Assistance

• Practical advice on casting requirements, choices of material, and production procedures to reach a cost-competitive solution.

• Regular monitoring of quality on the customer's requirements.

• Updating of lead times and assistance with urgent delivery requirements

• Informing and Communicating of impending difficulties, raw material price changes likely to affect casting processes, etc

• Advice on casting liability, governing law and freight clauses


We are a foundry with production plants and out-sourced supply capabilities. RMC can supply parts and toolings from both our sites and out-sourced manufacturers. With the comprehensive production and service, we can provide high priority, lower-volume cast parts quickly and high-volume, lower priority cast parts at more competitive prices.

Investment casting, die casting, sand casting, forging and metal fabrications are all covered the supply chain we manage for our customers. We're more than just a factory in China, we're a foundry but with more multiple casting facilities that can manage your supply chains via other processes out-sourced.

In-House and Out-Sourced Capabilities

• Casting and Forming: Investment Casting, Sand Casting, Gravity Die Casting, High Pressure Die Casting, Shell Molding Casting, Lost Foam Casting, Vacuum Casting, Forging, Precision CNC Machining and Metal Fabrications.

• Heat Treatment: Quenching, Tempering, Normalizing, Carburization, Nitriding.

• Surface Treatment: Sand Blasting, Painting, Anodizing, Passivation, Electroplating, Zinc-plating, Hot-Zinc-Plating, Polishing, Electro-Polishing, Nickel-Plating, Blackening, Geomet, Zintek....etc

• Testing Service: Chemical Composition Testing, Mechanical Properties Testing, Fluorescent or Magnetic Penetration Inspections (FPI, MPI), X-rays, Ultrasonic Testing