Ductile iron castings are the casting components made of ductile cast iron. At RMC Foundry, the ductile iron could be cast and poured by many casting processes including sand casting, shell casting, investment casting, lost foam casting and vacuum casting, depending the exact usage or if special requirements of the desired castings.

In the design stage of castings, a special project team should be set up to conduct "Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis" (DFMEA). The project team generally consists of product designers, casting process designers, and environmental protection professionals. The main content of the DFMEA analysis should include whether the requirements of the casting quality for the part structure, the casting process for the casting structure, and the casting process for environmental protection requirements are all met.

Performance Characteristics of Ductile Iron Castings
• Fluidity and line shrinkage of ductile iron are very close to those of gray cast iron
• The tendency of volume shrinkage and internal stress formation is greater than that of gray cast iron, which is prone to shrinkage and cracks
• The strength, plasticity, and elastic modulus of ductile iron are larger than those of gray cast iron, with good abrasion resistance
• Shock absorption is worse than gray cast iron

Structural Characteristics of Ductile Iron Castings
• Generally designed to be uniform wall thickness, and try thick section should be avoid if possible
• For certain thick and large section castings, hollow structure or structure with reinforced ribs should be adopted

Ductile (Nodular) Cast Iron

GB/T 1348-1988

ISO 1083:1987(E)

ASTM A536-84(2004)

EN 1563:-1997

JIS G5502-2001


QT400-18 400-18 60-40-18 F32800 GJS-400-18 JS1020 FCD400-18 вч40
QT400-15 400-15 60-42-10 F32900 GJS-400-15 JS1030 FCD400-15 вч40
QT450-10 450-10 65-45-12 F33100 GJS-450-10 JS1040 FCD450-10 вч45
QT500-7 500-7 70-50-05 GJS-500-7 JS1050 FCD500-7 вч50
QT600-3 600-3 80-60-03 F34100 GJS-600-3 JS1060 FCD600-3 вч60
QT700-2 700-2 100-70-03 F34800 GJS-700-2 JS1070 FCD700-2 вч70
QT800-2 800-2 - GJS-800-2 JS1080 FCD800-2 вч80
QT900-2 900-2 120-90-02 F36200 GJS-900-2 JS1090 - вч90