Penetrant Testing for Internal Defects of Metal Castings

Non-destructive testing (NDT) refers to a method of detecting macroscopic defects on the surface or inside of castings and materials under test conditions that do not damage them.

Some Basic Information of Hardness of Castings

During the test of mechanical properties of castings, the hardness is always required by the end users or customers. Due to different materials and casting processes, the required number of hardness is covered from a wide range.

Applications of Gray Iron Castings

Gray iron castings play a very important role in many fundamental fields of industry and machinery. In this article, we have cited examples of working conditions and uses of different grades of gray cast iron.

Costs of Cast Steel Castings

Today we try to introduce some information about the costs or prices of cast steel castings. Actually both the costs of cast iron castings and cast steel castings have the similar factors which can decide how much we cost, such as...

Cast Iron Castings VS Carbon Steel Castings

So generally speaking, if the ductile iron could meet your requirements, the ductile iron could be your first choice, instead of carbon steel for your castings.

Cast Iron Sand Casting Prices Per Pound, Kilogram or Ton

In order to give customers an estimate, below we have listed some approximate cast iron sand casting costs. Hope this information can help buyers to make a reference to evaluate the prices of cast iron sand castings.

Investment Casting VS Sand Casting

One big advantage of investment casting is that it can allow for undercuts in the pattern, while sand casting does not. In sand casting, the pattern needs to be pulled out of the sand after it is packed, whereas in investment casting ...

The Importance of Casting Drawings

In engineering technology, an engineering drawing used for engineering or product manufacturing drawn according to a geometric projection method, referred to as drawing. In casting production, the process department of a foundry com...

Refractory Coatings for Casting

Foundry coatings can be thought of as paints especially developed for the metal casting industry. The difference between conventional paints and a foundry coating is that the foundry coating is designed to withstand the high temperatu...

Dimension Inspection of Castings and Their Tolerance Grade

If the casting drawing or casting process document clearly requires inspection of all dimensions of the casting, all casting dimensions need to be inspected.

How to Choose The Suitable Casting Process for Cast Iron

Here in this article we would like to introduce some factors we should think about when we choose different casting processes for cast iron materials. To select the right and suitable casting processes made by cast iron will help...

Difference Between Sand Casting vs Special Casting

What is the difference between sand casting and special casting such as investment casting, die casting, lost foam casting, permanent mould casting? This article will try to give you some more information.

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