Comparison of Gray Iron in Different Countries

Comparison of Gray Iron in Different Countries

Difference Between Sand Casting vs Special Casting

What is the difference between sand casting and special casting such as investment casting, die casting, lost foam casting, permanent mould casting? This article will try to give you some more information.

Chills and Their Functions for Sand Casting

What is Chill and How they work for sand casting? What is the difference between internal chills and external chills? This article will give you more information about these.

Testing of Mechanical Properties of Castings

The casting quality is a vital important factor we should pay special attention to. Here in this article we try to give some useful information of testing of mechanical properties of casting.

Shell Building for Lost Wax Casting

Shell Building is a very important process during lost wax casting and it can influent the quality of the finished casting components. So here in this article we try to explain some more information about this.

What is Permanent Mould Casting

Permanent mould casting, or known as gravity casting, is a casting process which use a permanent mould or die as the mould during casting.

Normalizing Treatment of Investment Casting

Heat treatment of investment casting components is very important. To control the steel investment castings with a good mechanical property, there're several announcements on normalizing.

Investment Casting of Different Metals

Precision investment or lost wax castings can be produced with a wide range of metals and their alloys. At precision investment casting foundry of RMC, normally we use the stainless steel, carbon steel, ductile iron, brass & b...

Shell Mold for Ductile Iron Castings

Shell molding casting process is also called pre-coated resin sand casting process, hot shell molding castings or core casting process. The main molding material is the pre-coated phenolic resin sand, which is more expensive than g...

Lost Foam Cast Process

Lost foam casting could produce near the final contour (near-net-shape) with lost patterns made from expandable polystyrene (EPS). The EPS positive patterns are mounted to a casting system.

Shell Mold Casting Process

Compared to the normal sand casting process, shell mold casting process offers better surface finish, better dimensional tolerances, and higher throughput due to reduced cycle times.

Sand Casting Defects - Reasons and Solutions

Any irregularity in the moulding process causes defects in castings which may sometimes be tolerated, some times eliminated with proper moulding practice or repaired using methods such as welding and metallization.

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