What is Lost Foam Casting?

Lost Foam Casting, also known as Full Mold Casting, or Cavityless Molding Casting, refers to a casting method that combines foam molding with dry sand molding. The molten metal directly fills and replaces the space occup...

What is Sand Casting Foundry

Sand casting foundry is a manufacturer that produces castings with green sand casting, coated sand casting and furan resin sand casting as the main processes. In sand casting foundries in China, some partners also classify V process ...

The Future Trend of Sand Casting Process

Sand casting process is a basic and important manufacturing procedure in metal forming industry. Here in this article we introduced some future trends of the sand casting process. The sand casting foundry is the companies who are...

Steel Casting Advantages Comparing Steel Forging

Steel casting is a combination of casting molding process and steel material metallurgy. It can not only have complex shapes that are difficult to obtain by other forming processes, but also maintain the unique properties of steel, ...

Tensile Strength of Cast Gray Irons

Gray cast iron is a kind of iron-carbon alloy, and its section is gray, so it is called gray cast iron. In gray cast iron, carbon mainly exists in the form of flake graphite. As one of the widely used casting metals, cast gray iron ha...

Available Materials for Investment Casting at RMC

We could use a wide range of materials for investment casting process. Here in the following are the main alloys we can use for your usage. Of course, we can also cast more metal if you have special need.

Chemical Composition of Die Casting Aluminium Alloy in US Standards

Chemical Composition of Die Casting Aluminium Alloy in US Standards including ANSI, ASTM and UNS.

Mechanical Properties of Gray Cast Iron

Mechanical Properties of Gray Cast Iron from hardness, yield strength, tensile strength, elongation and other mechanical properties.

Costs of Cast Steel Castings

Today we try to introduce some information about the costs or prices of cast steel castings. Actually both the costs of cast iron castings and cast steel castings have the similar factors which can decide how much we cost, such as...

Cast Iron Castings VS Carbon Steel Castings

So generally speaking, if the ductile iron could meet your requirements, the ductile iron could be your first choice, instead of carbon steel for your castings.

Cast Iron Sand Casting Prices Per Pound, Kilogram or Ton

In order to give customers an estimate, below we have listed some approximate cast iron sand casting costs. Hope this information can help buyers to make a reference to evaluate the prices of cast iron sand castings.

How to Improve the Performance of Gray Cast Iron

Gray cast iron is an iron-carbon alloy in which the section surface is gray. Through the control of the composition and the solidification process, the carbon mainly appears in the form of flake graphite. The metallographic structur...

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