What is Sand Casting Foundry

What is Sand Casting Foundry?

Sand casting foundry is a manufacturer that produces castings with green sand casting, coated sand casting and furan resin sand casting as the main processes. In sand casting foundries in China, some partners also classify V process casting and lost foam casting into the big category of sand casting. The molding of sand casting plants is generally divided into two categories: manual molding and automatic mechanical molding. As an implementer of the most versatile and cost-effective casting process, sand casting foundries have an important basic position in the modern equipment manufacturing industry. In almost every aspect of the industrial field, there are kinds of castings produced by sand foundries. The castings produced by the sand casting foundry account for more than 80% of all castings. With the continuous improvement of the new technological level and the continuous availability of new materials and new technologies, the actual sand casting process in casting has also made continuous progress. This article will introduce the relevant information of what is sand casting foundry from several aspects. Hope it will be helpful to all partners and users.

Sand Casting Materials

There are many types of casting materials, of which the most consumed is molding materials, followed by other non-recyclable materials. The molding materials of sand foundries mainly refer to raw sand, refractory materials, binders and coatings. These materials are mainly used for making casting molds and sand cores.

Sand Cast Metals

Cast iron is the most commonly used metal material in sand casting. In actual casting, the foundry generally smelts the pig iron and the required alloying elements in a certain proportion to obtain the required metal castings that can meet the chemical composition. For nodular cast iron castings, attention should also be paid to whether the spheroidization rate of the castings can meet the requirements of users. Generally speaking, China's sand casting foundry can cast the following metal materials:
  • Gray Cast Iron:  GJL-100, GJL-150, GJL-200, GJL-250, GJL-300, GJL-350
  • Ductile Iron: GJS-400-18, GJS-40-15, GJS-450-10, GJS-500-7, GJS-600-3, GJS-700-2, GJS-800-2
  • Cast Aluminium and Their Alloys
  • Cast Steel or other materials and standards on request

Sand Casting Equipment

Sand casting foundries generally have special casting machinery and equipment, including but not limited to sand mixers, sand processing systems, dust collectors, molding machines, automatic molding production lines, core making machines, electric furnaces, cleaning machines, shot blasting machines, grinding machines and machinery Processing Equipment. In addition, there are necessary testing equipment, among which metallographic testing instruments, spectrum analyzers, hardness testers, mechanical performance testers, vernier calipers, three-coordinate scanners, etc. are indispensable. Below, take the equipment of RMC as an example to illustrate the equipment used in sand casting plants:

Sand Casting Equipment

Sand Casting Equipment Inspection Equipment
Description Quantity Description Quantity
Vertical Automatic Sand Molding Production Line 1 Hareness Tester 1
Horizontal Automatic Sand Molding Production Line 1 Spectrometer 1
Medium-Frequency Induction Furnace 2 Metallurgical Microscope Tester 1
Automatic Sand Molding Machine 10 Tensile Strength Testing Machine 1
Baking Furnace 2 Yield Strength Tester 1
Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine 3 Carbon-Sulfur Analyzer 1
Sand Blasting Booth 1 CMM 1
Drum Type Shot Blasting Machine 5 Vernier Caliper 20
Abrasive Belt Machine 5 Precision Machining Machine
Cutting Machine 2
Air Plasma Cutting Machine 1
Pickling Equipment 2 Vertical Machining Center 6
Pressure Shaping Machine 4 Horizontal Machining Center 4
DC Welding Machine 2 CNC Lathing Machine 20
Argon Arc Welding Machine 3 CNC Milling Machine 10
Electro-Polish Equipment 1 Honing Machine 2
Polishing Machine 8 Vertical Drilling Machine 4
Vibrate Grinding Machine 3 Milling and Drilling Machine 4
Heat Treatment Furnace 3 Tapping and Drilling Machine 10
Automatic Cleaning Line 1 Grinding Machine 2
Automatic Painting Line 1 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 1
Sand Processing Equipment 2
Dust Collector 3

Technology and Experience of Foundry

In different foundries, although the principles of sand casting are basically the same, each foundry has different experience and different equipment. Therefore, in actual casting production, the specific steps and implementation methods are also different. Experienced casting engineers can save a lot of costs for customers, and the rejection rate of castings produced under their guidance will be greatly reduced.

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