The Importance of Casting Drawings

In engineering technology, an engineering drawing used for engineering or product manufacturing drawn according to a geometric projection method, referred to as drawing.

In casting production, the process department of a foundry company often needs to draw a casting drawing after analyzing the casting process based on the part drawing provided by the customer.

The casting drawing is usually called the casting rough drawing, which is an important tool to express the idea of casting technology. As the most basic technical document in casting production, casting drawing is one of the important tools for casting technicians, casting workers and managers to express and exchange technical ideas with each other.

The casting drawing should not only be complete, clear, accurate and complete, but also express the complete structure and outline of the casting. Generally, the casting drawing should indicate the shape, size, wall thickness, and fillet of the casting. At the same time, the casting datum surface of the casting should be determined, indicating the machining allowance, draft angle, processing positioning point, and clamping point. It should also indicate the parting surface, inner runner and riser, allowable defects, casting inspection, acceptance conditions and other description items.

According to the important role of casting drawings in casting production, it can be considered that casting drawings and casting technical standards are the basis for casting inspection. The casting drawing not only contains the requirements of the casting technical standards, but also the results of the casting technical standards. Moreover, the dimensions and technical requirements marked in the casting drawings are also the main basis for process inspection, finished product inspection and final out-going quality inspection.

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