Dimension Inspection of Castings and Their Tolerance Grade

Generally, there are several situations where the dimension of castings needs to be inspected:

1) If the casting drawing or casting process document clearly requires inspection of all dimensions of the casting, all casting dimensions need to be inspected. This situation is usually the first part of the production of castings or the random sampling inspection process during mass production. In small batch production, it is sometimes required to inspect all dimensions of the casting.
2) In accordance with the requirements specified in the drawings or process documents, the dimensions of the castings need to be inspected for key control dimensions, dimensions with high accuracy requirements, and dimensions that are easily deformed and out of tolerance. This situation is usually applied to the control inspection of the dimensions of mass production on the production line.

In ISO8062-2013 (corresponding to China's GB/T6414-1999) standard documents, the tolerance levels of casting dimensions are clearly specified.

castinig dimension tolerance grade

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