Costs of Cast Steel Castings

Costs of Cast Steel Castings

In our last blog posted on 4 November, 2020, we introduced the brief factors to influence the costs of iron castings and the estimated costs range. Today we try to introduce some information about the costs or prices of cast steel castings. Actually both the costs of cast iron castings and cast steel castings have the similar factors which can decide how much we cost, such as complexity of casting structure, casting size, materials and the demand quantities per month or year.

However, generally speaking the cast steel castings always costs higher than the iron castings. This situation caused mainly by two factors. The first is the cast steel materials is more expensive, especially the steel alloys or even the stainless steel. If the customers require special mechanical properties like wear-resistance, heat-resistance or anti-rust performance, the special chemicals (such as Mn, Mo, Cr, Ni) should be added into the molten metal during casting. Of course, the heat treatment tempering, quenching, annealing, carburization or normalization are usually made for steel castings to get the desired mechanical properties.

The other main factor why steel casting is more expensive is the casting process. Unlike the gray iron and ductile iron, which is cast mainly by green sand casting or shell molding casting, the steel castings should always be produced by so-called speical casting process, including investment casting (lost wax process), lost foam casting, vacuum casting or other new technologies. These above casting processes could make sure the accurate dimensions, well surfaces and good mechanical properties. Accordingly, the costs would also be higher of course.

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